EAU4Food: European Union and African Union cooperative research to increase Food production in irrigated farming systems in Africa

EAU4Food seeks to address the enormous challenges African agriculture is facing today: despite numerous attempts, agricultural productivity has only slightly increased in recent years and, in general, cannot keep up with population growth. In the coming years irrigation will gain importance, but at the same time the availability of fresh water and the sustainable use of soil resources is under increasing pressure. Hence, new approaches are required to increase food production in irrigated areas in Africa, while ensuring healthy and resilient environments.


The 10th CAADP Partnership Platform Meeting - An "All Africa Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development”

The 10th Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) Partnership Platform officially opened in Durban at the International Convention Centre, South Africa on the 19th March 2014. On the 10th anniversary of CAADP inception, this meeting is a pivotal moment, asking members to objectively reflect on previous goals and actions and call upon African Heads of State and government to enhance their ownership and commitment to CAADP. EAU4FOOD was presented by Elijah Phiri from the University of Zambia and leader of Work Package Dissemination.

The meeting brought together Africa and global leaders from a number of international organisations, African Governments including ministers, private agribusiness firms, financial institutions, farmers, NGOs and civil society organizations to discuss and develop concrete investment plans for scaling agricultural development success in Africa.
The four day meeting encompasses numerous discussions, pledges, and ultimately, goals, actions and targets with clarity on execution strategies, for the next decade of CAADP in line with the thrust of the AU Agenda 2063, a huge part of which is agricultural transformation.


Photo: The team of Zambia University at the 10th CAADP Partnership Platform Meeting.

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