EAU4Food: European Union and African Union cooperative research to increase Food production in irrigated farming systems in Africa

EAU4Food seeks to address the enormous challenges African agriculture is facing today: despite numerous attempts, agricultural productivity has only slightly increased in recent years and, in general, cannot keep up with population growth. In the coming years irrigation will gain importance, but at the same time the availability of fresh water and the sustainable use of soil resources is under increasing pressure. Hence, new approaches are required to increase food production in irrigated areas in Africa, while ensuring healthy and resilient environments.


Full EAU4food project meeting

The next full project meeting from EAU4Food will be held in Maputo, Mozambique. This project meeting will focus on activities related to the content of the project, since we will finish the first cropping season in the project. Results from this season will be presented in Maputo and the activities for the next cropping season will be discussed. Besides this meeting, an LPA meeting will also be held in Maputo in the same week, where (local) representatives from the government, water related organizations and other institutes discuss progress which was made after the first LPA meeting which was held from 16-20 April 2012.

Project meeting Maputo 2012

From the 22nd till the 26th of November 2012 EAU4Food' s second full project meeting was held in Maputo, Mozambique. This week mainly focused around integrated group meetings where all 5 research site representatives met with small groups of people involved in the 5 different work packages.


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