Annual EAU4Food meeting 2013

Early July the second annual meeting for the EAU4Food project was held in Giyani, South Africa. The progress so far was presented for the 5 study sites and the 6 work packages in the project.

Specific attention was given to the farmer-led innovations. These innovations were previously proposed in the Community of practices and Learning Practice Alliance and are continuously discussed as the project carries on. The impact of these innovations on crop production are described on both local scale and on catchment scale. At the local (farm) scale nutrient and water limitations play an important role in crop production and the water availability in the whole catchment (basin) chances when practices change in the area due to innovations (the impact can change due to e.g. up-scaling or intensifying of new practices). By the end of the year a coherent modelling strategy will be used to describe how these impacts at different scales can be monitored.

Picture of farm trails in GiyaniPicture above: Farmers sitting in the field (left) between the different tomatoes grown for the EAU4Food project (middle) and researchers discussing the irrigation strategy used by a farmer (right).

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