EU-Africa projects movie

A short movie is published to show the dissemination of on-going international research cooperation between the EU and AU within the 7th Framework Programme.

Four projects are highlighted with a focus on climate change in Africa, including the EAU4FOOD project.

This video contributes to an insight in climate change and current technological developments in Africa and through this dissemination highlights are shown which can be of use for further research collaboration in the upcoming Horizon 2020 and proposals between South-South cooperations.

 Click on the picture to be redirected to the movie on Youtube.

Other projects shown in the movie are:

  • Sustainable Development of Water Supply and Sanitation Systems in African Cities (CLARA);
  • Harvesting Technologies (WHaTeR);
  • Framework for enhancing earth observation capacity to support agriculture and forest management (AGRICAB).


This video is realized and produced
by Severine Dieudonné (Africa Turns Green)
and directed by Yann Verbeke.

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