Loyalty Program Makeovers: What Can We Learn These

For you to achieve in getting a good thing you have to take some time, implementing the best reward program is among the few good things. Good businesses are aware that they have a chance of improving due to this they try to implement some changes so that they ensure that they meet the ever-changing customer needs.

Not all programs can be achieved without any obstacles along the way; the loyalty makeovers may threaten the loyalty of the customer by changing the main elements that they have lived to love. If you know the changes that the customers hate or hate is not an easy thing, but you can learn from the top loyalty makeovers programs. Some of them are:

Starbucks rewards

Starbucks is one of the famous loyalty programs that may make customers love. However, the stakeholders made changes to the program in the year 2016. In the previous program at Starbucks you could be awarded one point in each transaction, and if you could be able to attain 30 points, you were awarded gold status. When they made changes to the program, a customers had to earn 2 points if he spent one dollar meaning that if you made large purchases you were in a great position of benefiting from the scheme. But with this new scheme you had to spend an additional $90 so that you can get a gold status, this made it ten times difficult to get the reward.

Finally, these changes were implemented in the main message that was delivered as in case you buy a venti Frappuccino at least once in a week you will be more valued than a regular dark roast connoisseur. However, this made Starbucks lose some customers in this process.

PC plus and shopper optimum

The shopper’s Drug Mart and the president’s choice are the ones who came up with one the reward programs (shoppers optimum and PC Plus) that are loved by many residents in Canada. When the stakeholders realized that there was an increase in numbers they formed a coalition which leads to one mega loyalty program that is the PC Optimum.

Although the makeover of the program has not yet been implemented, this approach by the stakeholders was handled in a great way by many people. Instead of giving a small notice about the changes to the program, they implemented a whole marketing campaign. One of the important things that were displayed in the program was the commitment that the shoppers and PC’s had it gives answers to the questions that their customers had to ask. Since many customers would wish to know whether their pints were safe, PC decided to include a calculator that could convert customer points so that every question could be answered.

Tarte rewards

This makeover was started by tarte cosmetics as they decided to put their knowledge so that they could test whether the loyalty program could bear any fruits to them. In the previous years, tarte use the reward program by the name pretty perks where customers could get one token in each product that you reviewed or on the one dollar that you spent, and you could get 10 ten if you successful referred a customer. Unfortunately, this reward program was not successful as the customers outside the US realized that they could not be able to remeed the reward points. Since they had spent a lot of money and time they customers were greatly discouraged.

After a few weeks, the customers spread their complaints online which made tarte to respond by changing the program makeover. As they shifted from pretty perks to the tarte rewards they implemented more ways that you could earn and redeem your points, international customers could access the program fully, and attractively branded tiers.

Air miles

Are miles are known in the whole world when it comes to the issue of makeovers to the loyalty programs. In the previous year, Air miles said that all loyalty points that has lasted for more than ten years had to expire soon. This angered many customers who made the legislature of Ontario to stop the expiry date of the loyalty points. Although Air miles decided to change their statement about the expire of the points, so many customers had already redeemed their points as they feared that their pints had to expire ( they even bought items that they did not need)

After that Air Miles then decided to offer a 24-hour service to their customers on all social media channels, an additional reward to the members that was meant to amend the situation. While changes impact of these changes was to be seen in future, Air miles could have avoided this situation if they knew that this program was important to their customers they would have used a better idea other than coming up with an expiry date.

Wigs.com rewards

If you look at wigs.com, you will know that you do not need to make drastic changes to loyalty makeovers so that you can get highest results. This hair retailer wished to create the best experience between rewards redemption and check out which made them come up with a point at checkout idea. In the previous years, the customers were able to manage their membership to the reward program in a separate way from the checkout as they used discount codes in redeeming the rewards with goods and services of their choice.

They have points slider that allows clients to decide on how much they want to save in every purchase. Thus they had the authority to control the way they spend or save their points. By coming up with this feature the rate at which the customers redeemed their points improved from 15% up to 30 % within a few months.

Macy’s star rewards

When Macy’s realized that the best customers were leaving one by one to one to shop in other businesses, they knew that they had to act as fast as possible. They, therefore, decided to re-launch the star rewards program that had to register all customers when they opened a credit account with Macy’s, automatically

Previously you were given very low rates if you participated in the star reward program, some of which were confusing to the customers. So that they could make the program simple, Macy’s decided to come with this new program that had new tiers such as silver, Gold, and platinum compared to the previous ones that are premium elite, elite and preferred. This simplicity has new features such as easy access to the products and free shipping.

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